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No business should be without a Website, find out which website will suit you best and give you the biggest bang for your buck.


We will research your completion, analyze your strengths and weaknesses and help you come up with an effective strategy.


Strong IT infrastructure is key to business growth. We have solutions for one man operations as well as enterprise size clients.

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The team at VicOnt has been helping businesses reach their full potential since 1999. We believe in surrounding our selves with top of the line professionals and through team work provide out of the box solutions that keep our customers ahead of their competition. The process of improvement is never ending. We analyze the market, draw conclusions, make recommendations, implement, measure, analyze results and repeat. Always pushing you forward while staying 100% committed to your success.

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What Can We Do For You?

If your business has been around for a while and you are looking for ways to improve sales and streamline operations, we have solutions customized just for you. Fresh website designs, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Paid Internet Marketing, Social Strategy, cost effective IT Solutions that will revolutionize the way yo do business. Your custom solution awaits. Get in touch today!

If you are just starting out, the questions are endless. Should you incorporate, if so should you chose provincial or federal? Are partners involved? What about contracts? Registrations, WSIB, Salary, HST, the list goes on and on. We have accountants and lawyers at you disposal, people that specialize in answering those question. A one hour consultation today can save you an unbelievable amount of time and money in the long run. We will also show you how to look big even if you are very small, consumer confidence is key, especially for a new business and we know how to build the right image from the start. Our solutions are designed for Small Businesses so you will not break the bank, in fact, most customers are astonished at how affordable those solutions are. Don’t wait. Get in touch today!